Why do lash extensions ruin your lashes?

The hairs grow to a certain length and then stop. Eventually, they lose their hair after they've reached their maximum length. Because eyelash extensions are applied one eyelash at a time to a single natural eyelash, natural lashes can freely go through the growth cycle and eventually peel off with the extension attached. When you put on eyelash extensions, the cycle continues normally.

Since each eyelash extension is connected to a natural eyelash, extensions fall out in the same cycle as natural lashes. If a customer asks, “Will my lashes grow back after eyelash extensions? You can assure them that their eyelashes continue to grow even with the extensions on. It's all part of the eyelash growth cycle. If you're an eyelash technician, be sure to ask each customer about any allergies or sensitivities.

If you are not sure, watch for signs of irritation during application, as this may indicate that it is better to switch to another type of adhesive. If you are a customer, express your concerns from the start. Tell your eyelash technician about your sensitivity to certain eyelash glues. If you start to feel pain or discomfort during the eyelash application process, contact your technician immediately.

Irritated eyes cause a lot of rubbing and pulling, which could damage your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that adhere to the natural hair of the eyelashes and have become very popular among lovers of ancient beauty right now. They're one step beyond sticking to false eyelashes and are known to last for many weeks. The increasing popularity of permanent makeup, such as lip blush (a form of tattoo) and eyebrow microblading, has made eyelash extensions a much sought after procedure.

It is non-invasive, painless and significantly reduces makeup time. But given their popularity, do their advantages and disadvantages balance out to make them worthwhile? Let's see some quick facts. Eyelash extensions are flashy enough to be used on their own. They can give the eyes a “waking up” effect and divert attention, such as dark circles and bags under the eyes.

That's why many women get extensions to completely eliminate the step of cleaning eye makeup from their nighttime skincare routine. Common counterfeits come in standard manufacturing and follow a “one size fits all” approach. Eyelash extensions can be customized according to the length, volume, volume or quantity you want or simply with something that enhances and shows the shape of your eyes. This makes them better suited to your unique facial features.

Unlike other permanent makeup procedures, eyelash extensions are expensive. Starter sets can range from 8K to 15K, depending on the type of extensions you choose and the technician's professional experience. On top of that, you have to do touch-ups every two or three weeks. Since they are attached to natural lashes, they can be removed quite easily and good quality replacement parts can cost up to 7,000€.

While the procedure alone is quite safe, certain errors can damage natural lashes. For example, sites that offer “cheaper” extensions usually stick to a group of pre-glued tabs on the natural lash line. This can completely destroy your natural lashes. No matter the reputation of the salon you go to, applying eyelash extensions uses tools and adhesive agents very close to the eyes.

As such, any mishap can result in infections, such as conjunctivitis, or even glue-induced skin rashes around the eye area. Despite the fact that eyelash extensions are designed to be lightweight, they can be quite uncomfortable to put on. After all, you wear them all the time: to sleep, to the shower and anywhere else. This is especially true for beginners in the eyelash game who don't have much experience with makeup.

This is also true if you have overly sensitive eyes, dry eyes, or tend to get irritated more often than usual. If you're eager to invest in eyelash extensions, consider starting small. An eyelash conditioning serum, a tightening product or even a dye will add some depth to your lashes, without the additional costs and risks of having the right extensions. Make sure that the eyelash glue remover you use does not irritate your eyes, we suggest that you have some options ready.

It's a myth that eyelash extensions can ruin your natural lashes. When done correctly by a professional, they are safe and don't affect the health of your natural lashes. Just follow the recommended care instructions with your extensions to avoid accidents with them. While you can use mascara with eyelash extensions, it's generally not necessary and it's recommended not to use it.

Using the wrong type or too much can cause eyelashes to fall out, damage extensions and significantly reduce their lifespan. In addition, waterproof or oil-based masks can dissolve the adhesive agent used to maintain extensions. When it comes to eyelash extensions, the rule should be “less is more”. In the case of eyeliners, daily application can cause product build-up, which is difficult to clean without compromising extensions.

To be more confident, choose an oil-free powder eyeliner and apply it lightly close to the waterline; remove any excess powder with an angled brush. And get the best tips and tricks from the experts at BeBeautiful. HAIR LENGTH, HAIR TYPE, OCCASIONS, HAIRCUTS AND SEASONAL STYLES, HAIRCUTS DEPENDING ON THE SHAPE OF THE FACE, HAIR TREATMENTS, HAIR PRODUCTS, HAIR STYLING TOOLS, MAKEUP, SKIN, FASHION, LIFESTYLE. If you've had the unfortunate experience of seeing an eyelash technician who made a mistake during the eyelash extension process, your natural lashes will grow back on their own over time.

Hybrid extensions combine individual and volume extensions, providing more volume and length than the standard variety. Since an individual extension is applied to an individual eyelash, that extension will fall out on its own when the natural eyelash falls out. If an inexperienced eyelash technician applies lashes to more than one natural eyelash, you may see clumps of eyelashes coming off, which is unnecessary. Factors that you have no control over (for example, if you rub your eyes while you sleep or if you genetically have a faster eyelash cycle than is considered normal) can compromise your natural lashes, even causing them to fall out or break.

Individual eyelash extensions are applied to each of the individual natural lashes (one extension per natural eyelash) with a semi-permanent glue. While excellent eyelash extensions should leave your natural lashes in good condition, there are a few factors that can cause eyelash loss. While damage to natural lashes certainly isn't ideal (nor is it sustainable over time), any breakage or fall should resolve on its own within one to three months, as part of a typical eyelash growth cycle, more on this below. Eyelash extensions that are too heavy for natural lashes can cause eyelashes to become thinner again and cause natural eyelash loss.

When they affect the lash line, they can damage hair follicles and result in loss of eyelashes, not to mention swelling, pain, itching, and redness. If you're not exacerbating this shedding process by rubbing your eyes, applying mascara, or compromising the glue with oily products, eyelash extensions should last up to a month before you need a “refill” appointment. Even so, if you apply your lashes correctly and practice good after-eyelash extension care, your natural lashes are likely to be fine, at least in the long term. To help you decide if eyelash extensions are right for you without relying on beauty rumors, I spoke to Andra Marin (opens in a new tab), artistic director and expert eyelash stylist at Courtney Akai Lash Boutique (opens in a new tab) in New York, and ophthalmologist Alberto Distefano (opens in a new tab), M.

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