How many lashes are in a full set?

Eyelash extensions stick to individual eyelashes, so a “complete set” really differs from person to person. On average, people can have between 90 and 150 eyelashes per eye on the upper eyelid and between 70 and 80 smaller eyelashes per eye on the lower eyelash line. A complete set is best for those looking for a natural but remarkable eyelash look. A stylish choice for everyday use, the complete set illuminates and defines the eyes without looking too obvious or “ready”.

The complete set is our most popular eyelash set for beginners and can always be upgraded to a larger set during a filling appointment. To avoid using mascara if possible, this product causes extensions to become clumpy and often contains oils that weaken the adhesive bond of the eyelashes. Often, eyelash technicians ask you if you want to have fluffy eyelashes in the center or in the corners. On the other hand, grouped eyelashes refer to groups of prefabricated or pre-glued eyelash extensions that inexperienced technicians use to add volume to the lash line.

Prefabricated or professionally made fans are usually groups that weigh on natural eyelashes and cause eyelash loss. To achieve this, your eyelash technician will give you recommendations at each visit about the ongoing care and maintenance of your eyelashes and natural eyelash extensions. That's why the cost of hybrid eyelash treatments across the country falls between the cost of classic eyelashes and volume lashes. However, the volume set gives the impression of lasting longer, since the fans cover more of the lash line and even if you lose something, the illusion of a thicker lash line remains.

The eyelash extensions used in this method are significantly thinner (normally a 0.07 mm diameter or thinner eyelash extension is used) than the eyelash extensions used for the classic eyelash method. You don't have to worry about choosing what material at your appointment; your eyelash stylist will be happy to evaluate your eyelashes and recommend a material. The eyelash technician will choose the right combination of classic and volume eyelash extensions to create a custom hybrid style that's ideal for you. For your eyelash extensions to look their best, it's important to keep your natural eyelashes in the best possible health, as they are the foundation on which extensions are built.

It's also a great option if you have thin, weak, or sparse lashes because voluminous lashes aren't as thick as classic lashes. Tell your facial if you've applied eyelash extensions, since your eyelashes don't mix well with steam, so they usually find another way to give you your favorite facial treatment.

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