Can you wear eyelash extensions for years?

If eyelash extensions are applied correctly, you can keep them for years, although applying them only takes about an hour if done by an expert eyelash technician. Eyelash extensions can last all year long with the right touch-ups and maintenance.

natural lashes

fall out every six to eight weeks. If you or your technician are ever concerned about the health of your natural lashes, you may need a break.

However, if the extensions applied are the right length and thickness for your natural lashes, you've been gently cleaning them with an oil-free cleanser and using an eyelash shampoo, there's no reason why you can't keep using extensions. In fact, a large part of our customers here have been using eyelashes continuously for 5 to 10 years without any problems. If you start taking extra care when cleaning eye makeup (which can block hair follicles and hinder hair growth), you'll likely see your own lashes regain good health. There are many eyelash growth serums on the market and can be purchased online or at stores such as Boots and some department stores.

In addition, by then I had discovered Lashify, which gave me the power to make my own natural-looking extensions at home that would last a few days without any damage. So if you're vegan or allergic to cats, make sure you specifically request that mink eyelash extensions aren't applied to you. Since each of your lashes is in a different phase of the growth cycle, you'll start to see a more sparse appearance after two to four weeks as new natural lashes appear and lashes that had an extension on them begin to fall out. When extensions first hit the mainstream market, it seemed like a relatively painless way to achieve thin, wavy lashes without the drawbacks of false masks or mascara.

And try taking breaks where you let your natural lashes do their thing (and use an eyelash conditioning serum to help them recover their health). All of the above ingredients can be purchased at Holland and Barrett and what you don't use in the preparation of the eyelash serum can be used on the rest of the body and face, and coconut oil can be used in the kitchen. If you're not exacerbating this shedding process by rubbing your eyes, applying mascara, or compromising the glue with oily products, eyelash extensions should last up to a month before you need a “refill appointment.” Classic extensions are applied in a one-to-one ratio, meaning that an extension is applied to each natural eyelash. If you plan to wear eyelash extensions, have them applied by a licensed esthetician to avoid these side effects.

Extensions are expensive and even if you do everything you need to do when it comes to aftercare, it's quite possible that you'll suffer damage to your natural lashes, such as breakages and falls. While eyelash extensions, if done by an expert stylist, are generally low-risk, there are still some risks. But with that said, you can do everything right and still find that eyelash extensions cause your natural lashes to break.

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