How long do flat lash extensions last?

The lifespan of each type of extension is about six to eight weeks. However, the actual retention time depends on the growth rate and lifespan of natural lashes. Since each eyelash extension is attached to a separate natural eyelash, it falls out when the natural eyelash falls. Have you heard of flat lashes? Recently, flat eyelashes became very popular.

Flat lashes are eyelash extensions for classic sets that have a wider base that gives the impression of having thicker eyelashes. This is ideal for customers who want a fuller look, but don't want fans of spectacular volumes. Regular classic eyelash extensions have a round base that provides a more natural look. Their services have been extended to eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner, keratin eyelash lifting, nail art and spa waxing (waxing).

It is estimated that one to four eyelashes fall out every day, depending on the person, age, health and lifestyle. Also, be sure to do it with a silk pillowcase so that, if you turn around, your eyelashes are pampered and less likely to get stuck. As the name suggests, flat lashes are flat and oval at the base, while conventional lashes are rounded. Perky Lash also offers a wide variety of curls and designs so you can choose the style that best suits you.

With Korea's best-selling product, their eyelash lift treatment contains no formaldehyde or parabens. This means that you don't have to worry about the number of tabs you'll need and therefore the size of your bill. The characteristics you or your client have, including your orientation and the shape of your eyelids, also largely determine what a specific type of eyelash extension will look like on them. Everyone's eyelash cycle is a little different, but on average you should experience a renewal of your natural lashes every six weeks or so.

Depending on the application and the different ways of mapping the eyes for different eye shapes, the extensions offer different styles. The type of curl you should choose for your eyelash extension depends on the curl of your natural lashes. Their eyelash artists, who promise first-rate experience and product quality, are trained to act delicately on the eyes. Dreamlash Korea extensions are different from traditional eyelash extensions that could damage natural lashes.

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