Can you get a lash fill after 4 weeks?

Ideally, your client should come every two to four weeks, but longer wait times may mean longer treatment time, as more eyelashes will need to be filled. In general, it is best to perform a recharging service when the customer has at least 40% of the eyelash extensions in the complete set left. For best results, we recommend that refills be applied within three weeks of the original full game. Outside of this three-week period, a complete set will represent better value for money.

Always ask your eyelash technician for their opinion, as he is undoubtedly the expert. Not only are they experts in eyelashes in general, but after your initial eyelash extension appointment, they're likely to be well versed in your specific lashes as well. Your specialist will know what type of look you are looking for, as well as details about your habits that could affect the longevity of your extensions. We'll delve into habits that affect eyelashes later in the article.

With this in mind, it is generally recommended to refill your eyelashes every two to three weeks. Therefore, to keep those eyelashes looking delicious, it is recommended to fill in an average of 3 weeks apart. Some people have faster or slower growth cycles. There are several factors that can cause these extensions to come off prematurely.

Always apply an eyelash base that has been formulated for extensions (your natural lashes won't need it). If you like fully-fleshy, voluminous eyelashes without a scant patch in sight, you may need to fill in your eyelashes more often. If you and your technician understand your goals and your eyelash extensions are filled following this schedule, your eyelashes will effortlessly look and feel better. If you need to change your eyelashes frequently, you'll need an eyelash artist who's the perfect match and can find the best style for you and offer you quality service every time you visit.

The eyelash artist will remove any extension that has grown too much and will give the lash line the best possible symmetry. An eyelash filler treatment involves applying individual, fresh eyelash extensions to new eyelashes in areas where there has been any loss, which occasionally results in an occasional shortage. When natural eyelashes fall out prematurely, it can take up to 3 months for new hair to grow back and a thinning of the lash line will occur. Eyelash extensions are designed to last the entire natural eyelash cycle, that is, the time they take to grow and fall out.

After all, during this procedure, only the scattered areas of the eyelashes are filled in, unlike when you started only with natural eyelashes. Because each eyelash is at a different stage of this cycle at any given time, you'll constantly lose your natural eyelashes. LivBay is an educational brand that offers quality tips and tutorials along with business advice on eyelashes through one of the main YouTube channels and podcasts on eyelashes in the country. If you notice that you have several eyelashes falling out in the first 3 days after filling, you will need to solve this problem with your eyelash technician, as there is likely to be a problem with the adhesive or with the way they are applied.

You can make the extensions last longer if you fill your eyelashes after 2 or 3 weeks, comb them with a spool and use the right products around the eyes.

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