What is the most common lash thickness?

It can be hard to know what you want when you put on eyelash extensions. It's even harder to know what's going on while you apply your lashes. In a common query, you'll likely be asked about five preferences: thickness, type, style, curl and length. Here's a guide to help you prepare for your appointment and understand what your eyelash artist is doing with their eyes closed.

The most popular eyelash thickness for classic lashes is between 0.10 and 0.15 mm. It is recommended to use 0.03-0.10 eyelash extensions to create volume, mega-volume and hybrid lashes, and technicians prefer 0.05 and 0.07 for these styles. The thicknesses most commonly used for high-volume eyelash extension sets are 0.03, 0.05% 26 and 0.07, depending on the volume. The thicknesses of eyelash extensions vary from.

Thicknesses of 0.20 mm or more are gradually being phased out in the eyelash industry around the world because they are too heavy to support most natural lashes. Longer isn't always better. Wearing eyelashes of 14 mm or more isn't always ideal, unless you already have long, strong natural lashes to begin with, or they can cause extensions to fall out prematurely. Most customers want to have longer lashes, but long, natural eyelash extensions don't mean perfect lashes, you should keep in mind that the condition of each customer's eyelashes should determine the length of the extension.

If you're not sure about the thickness of your customer's natural lashes, compare them to eyelash extensions (which are labeled with thickness) to determine the approximate diameter of natural lashes. However, eyelash extensions with a thickness of 0.1mm stand out as the most popular option, as they leave a naturally thick look that complements the classic set of eyelashes. Excessive weight and length can stress natural lashes and cause natural lashes to break or fall out prematurely. CC CURL EYELASHES: This eyelash extension is one of the most used types of curls and can be worn especially during volume application.

Most people who have suffered eyelash injuries have had the wrong type of eyelash applied by an untrained stylist. L+ curly eyelashes: L+ curly lashes look similar to an “L” curl, only they have an additional bending angle. For these customers, it is recommended to use eyelash extensions with a diameter of between 0.10-0.15 mm, while other customers with stronger natural lashes may take between 0.15-0.20 mm. The number of eyelash extensions in a fan should vary depending on the thickness of the natural eyelashes and the thickness of the extensions being used.

Thicker lashes are generally used for classic eyelash extensions, while thinner ones are for volume fans. If the lashes are too long, they will be too heavy for the customer's eye and may damage their natural lashes.

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