What is the most popular lash extension size?

Most salons usually have between 8 and 14 mm in their inventory; the most popular sizes are 9 mm to 12 mm. Longer is not always better, using lashes of 14 mm or more is not always ideal unless you already have strong and long natural eyelashes to begin with. A fuller look can be achieved by applying more lashes. BL eyelash extensions produce extension eyelashes with lengths from 5 mm to 20 mm.

The most popular extension length is about 11 mm or 12 mm. The thickness that works best for the classic look is 0.12 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, 0.20 mm and 0.25 mm. However, eyelash extensions with a thickness of 0.15 mm stand out as the most popular option, as they leave a naturally thick look that complements the classic eyelash set. The most popular eyelash extensions are CC, 0.07, 12 mm.

It gives the most natural look and is suitable for most people. However, keep in mind that it's not for everyone. The reason eyelash extensions come in different thicknesses, lengths and curls is to create the best custom look for each client. Eyelashes can also be too heavy, preventing eyelash follicles from developing healthy eyelashes.

Therefore, when choosing eyelash extensions, the general rule is that the extensions should be between 3 and 5 mm longer than natural eyelashes. Trust me when I say that eyelash extensions come in all lengths and sizes. The tabs are available from 7 mm to 17 mm. Most halls carry 8 mm to 14 mm.

Don't be fooled, longer eyelashes aren't always better. In fact, using lashes larger than 14 mm will weigh down your natural lashes. Unless you have long, healthy natural eyelashes to begin with, I would recommend using a shorter length. As I said before, all is not lost.

If you choose a shorter lash length, you can always get a more dramatic curl or a thicker eyelash extension to exaggerate your look. Eye shape: Eyes come in all shapes and sizes and depending on them, the length of the eyelashes will look different on each eye. In addition, extensions are mainly applied to the upper line of the eyelashes, and are applied in the form of “clusters” or “in a fan” or individually. So, take your time to properly evaluate your client's natural eyelashes and listen to their expectations to choose the most appropriate style.

Eyelash extensions also come in different curls, since not all customers want or can have the same extension style. Generally speaking, shorter extensions of 5 to 9 mm are used for the inner corners or under the eyelashes, and extensions of 9 to 13 mm are used for most of the set. Because of their dramatic upward curvature, if used for clients with natural eyelashes angled upwards or with heavily hooded eyelids, extensions can puncture the client's eyelids. It is always advisable to use a spool instead of your fingers to help maintain the shape and appearance of the extensions.

Understand the different types of eyelash extensions, the thickness, the length and how each function can elevate your art. J-shaped eyelash extensions Curl J Curl is the smoothest eyelash style and should not be used on down lashes, but only on straight and upward lashes. Sharing makeup brushes not only transfers bacteria and impurities to the skin, but it can also cause mites on eyelash extensions. If the eyelashes are too long, they will be too heavy for the client's eye and may damage their natural eyelashes.

EZ Lash's base curl is smoother than normal extension lashes and, as a result, EZ Lash provides a more adhesive area for extensions and allows a much easier extension experience for beginning eyelash artists. In addition, the diameter of the extensions should be as close as possible to the diameter of your natural eyelashes. The thinner tabs on the right side of the diagram below will give your eyelashes a more natural look and those on the left side of the diagram will show a more dramatic illusion. .

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