Which eye lash is best?

Available in four different styles, Lilly Lashes Lite synthetic mink lashes are great because of their super soft hair and strong band. Above is the Mykonos style, a round eyelash that works best on almond-shaped eyes. If that's not your pace, check out the Miami style, known for complementing most eye shapes. These lashes have the exact look and feel of a cool set of mink extensions, but are made of soft 100% synthetic fibers attached to a comfortable cotton band.

These dramatically glamorous lashes are perfect for any virtual or real-life event you have coming up. When you're ready to apply your lashes, apply a thin layer or eyelash glue along the back strip and wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become sticky. This prevents eyelashes from slipping when applied, which can happen if the glue is still wet. Looking in the mirror, keep your eyes open and keep your false eyelash in the center.

Place it carefully against the natural line of your lashes, as close as possible to the base of your own lashes. If you don't feel confident applying eyelash glue, you can skip the gluing step with these pre-glued eyelashes from Eylure. The Style 175 has a medium-density crisscross lash style, which adds volume and definition for a cat-eye look; Eylure also has a Fluttery Light version (style 01) suitable for a more natural daytime look. To use them, simply remove the lashes carefully from the package and apply them with tweezers or a cotton swab to gently press them into place.

The padded band is comfortable for the eyelids and the eyelashes are vegan and not subject to cruelty. With individual eyelashes, you can create a personalized look that's perfect for any occasion. Increase the volume for a night out or channel a beautiful, barely visible look during the day. With Le Petit Trip by House of Lashes, any look is attainable.

The set comes with 30 conical groups without knots in short, medium and long lengths. They're made with human hair for a natural finish that will blend easily with your own lashes. The best nail polish to buy starting at 3€ The best Wi-Fi extenders to buy from 35€ While they sound incredible, keep in mind that not all magnetic eyelashes are made the same way and that some can break them or cause an infection (as with most eyelashes) if you're not careful. They're also easy to paste, and you can even grab a useful tab tool from their site to make the application easier than ever.

Individual lashes are, as the name suggests, individual tufts designed to add definition, fullness and length to specific areas of natural lashes. The Le Petit Trip set comes with adhesive and a practical remover, and the eyelashes can be reshaped and reused. Its supposed superfine band technology sounds rather deceptive, but the band is extremely thin, flexible and easily adheres to the lash line. Velour Beauty Vegan Mink Luxe eyelashes were created to take the guesswork out of applying false eyelashes, as they are intended to adhere to the brand's special adhesive eyeliner.

The eyelashes are made with fine synthetic fiber materials, but just because they're not made of real hair doesn't mean they're any less durable. If you want premium and outstanding lashes without paying top prices, look no further than Lux Lashes London. But if you're a true professional, you'll also apply small groups of lashes to the lash line or below the lash line, near the waterline, to make them look fuller. These handmade lashes blend seamlessly with natural lashes and instantly add length, volume and definition.

The important thing to remember when using eyelashes or applying eye makeup is to practice good hygiene habits, such as washing your hands frequently, avoiding rubbing your eyes as much as possible, and not sharing makeup. The thin magnetic eyeliner brush applies a formula full of pigments and the eyelash pack includes a silicone tipped tweezer that makes the application perfect. Here I tried nearly 20 different false eyelash styles, from cult favorites to new releases to bring you the best of the best in a variety of categories. If you've bought eyelash extensions before, then you'll know that there's usually a big difference in the look and feel of mink-based eyelashes compared to synthetic versions.

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