What kind of glue is eyelash glue?

Cyanoacrylate is found in all eyelash adhesives, including eyelash extension glue for sensitive or allergic eyes. Farhang agrees, which is why his personal favorite is this one from Tarte. It's made without questionable ingredients and is the perfect formula for sensitive eyes. The best way to apply eyelash glue is to place it directly on the lash line with the applicator or a very small fine brush.

Farhang explains that this will cause less trauma and damage, especially if it's a very strong eyelash glue like this one from House of Lashes. We love that it's still safe for sensitive eyes. The first chemical is called cyanoacrylate. This class of compounds is used for quick-setting adhesives.

The eyelash adhesive hardens in 1 second BECAUSE it contains cyanoacrylate. This PYP set by Derrick Rutledge comes with two Gorge mink eyelashes, a false eyelash applicator and hypoallergenic latex-free glue. Makeup artists tend to prefer black when they apply it, and it's virtually undetectable on naturally darker lashes. However, remember that cyanoacrylate used for eyelash extensions is best used within a total of two months from the date it was manufactured.

Your lashes will be able to withstand just about anything that comes their way with Lilac ST's Pro eyelash glue. So how do you choose the best eyelash glue? Farhang and her sister, a Los Angeles-based optometrist from the Visionary Eye Institute, Dr. Ella regularly tests and analyzes the eyelash glues on their own eyelashes for effectiveness, while working with the industry's best makeup artists to evaluate new brands and products. If you're packing your bags for a weekend getaway, secure everything you need to apply your lashes without stress with this handy kit.

When it comes to eyelash adhesive, it's not always about what is the best type of glue or how best to use glue. Jalalat recommends avoiding eyelash glues that contain cyanoacrylates (also known as methylacrylate), formaldehyde, parabens and latex, as they can cause irritation such as redness, burning, itching and tearing. If you're looking for something a little more affordable, opt for Kiss Strip eyelash adhesive, a waterproof glue approved by makeup artists with an ultra-fine applicator brush. Thanks to the practical precision brush, this eyelash glue is very easy to apply without getting dirty and dries completely.

This 100 percent vegan eyelash glue is free of virtually everything (parabens, latex, sulfates, fragrances, phthalates) and is also certified cruelty-free. When you need your lashes to last a long, long time, try this eyelash glue, which promises to keep your lashes glued for 18 hours (however).

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