What kind of lashes last the longest?

The only way to remove your eyelashes is with a serious professional. You'll end up tearing out or breaking your eyelashes if you try it yourself, and it's not worth it. They usually last between three and four weeks, but don't be surprised if you replace them again before then. The time you should wait between eyelash fillers depends on the growth cycle of your own natural eyelashes and how you care for your eyelash extensions at home.

You may need a refill as soon as 2 weeks, or you may be able to wait up to 4 weeks before you need an appointment to fill it. For most people, the full series last an average of 4 weeks before most of them are over. The most common use time is 3 weeks between each filling. However, some people wait up to 4 weeks and others simply can't bear to have a few eyelashes removed, so they appear every week or two.

We recommend that you fill your eyelashes after you have had around 50% hair loss. Keep your eyelashes from dropping below 50%, since they are usually more than 3 weeks away, and then you'll also have to pay more for the appointment to fill them up. Both Feroz and famous makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes say you don't even need mascara or eyeliner when you're wearing eyelash extensions; extensions offer an effect similar to typical eye enhancement makeup. The cost of eyelash extensions can vary widely depending on your location, your eyelash technician, the type of eyelashes being used, and the style you want.

When done correctly, it is possible to keep your extensions looking good for a long time without damaging your natural eyelashes. Investing in eyelash extensions will help you achieve classic, natural, dramatic, or fuller lashes effortlessly. Eyelash extensions can be an alternative and practical way to get longer eyelashes instead of having to struggle with false ones every day, but they're not cheap. Nowadays, there are so many different options for eyelash extensions, such as pink, green, orange and blue locks, which will not only enhance your natural lashes, but will also add a fun touch of color to your daily glamour.

Eyelash extensions adhere to individual natural lashes with a cyanoacrylate-based adhesive that doesn't mix well with natural oils. Instead, choose super-light extensions that help you achieve a spectacular, fuller look without stressing your real lashes. For example, the eyelash extensions that a person with round eyes will wear may not look good on a person with almond-shaped eyes. Even though I love beauty products, I'm not a makeup artist, so I definitely never thought I'd be an eyelash extensions girl.

Since my eyes are round and bend slightly downward at the outer corners, Shin recommended that the longest eyelashes be in the center of my eyes (between two and three on his “Glam Scale”), rather than the popular cat-eye shape, to open them even more. This is disgusting, but because you don't wash your eye area as well as usual, you can build up debris, especially on your eyelash line. On the other hand, you can choose eyelash extensions that are discreet and go well with your natural eyelashes. A professional will advise that extensions should not be more than 1 ½ the length of your natural eyelashes.

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