Is it worth getting eyelash lift?

Lasts longer The eyelash lift gives you incredible lashes that last almost 2 months. Some people are lucky that it also lasts 3 months. That means, for 3 months straight, you can wake up every morning with incredible eyelashes. We would say that the procedure would be worthwhile.

After a month or two of skipping mascara and using an eyelash conditioning serum, my eyelashes finally grew back, but by then, I had given up on eyelash treatments for good. That was until a beautician told me about keratin eyelash lifts (often referred to as “eyelash perm”), a service that lifts, lengthens and curls natural lashes without damaging them. Skeptical, I booked an appointment at Envious Lashes in New York City and asked the studio founder all my burning questions. Here's everything you need to know about getting an eyelash lift with keratin plus, a brutally honest account of my personal experience.

You can achieve the best eyelash lift at home with the eyelash lift kit. It will even help with those stubborn eyelashes that refuse to curl the right way, even after several attempts. If you opt for an eyelash lift you will get those beautiful eyes without damaging your eyelashes. Do you know those days when your favorite mascara and eyelash curler just didn't feel like doing it? When do you really need an extra boost to open up the eye area and make those lashes curl? Yes, it might be time to consider trying an eyelash lift, a semi-permanent treatment that leaves you with perfectly curled lashes for up to eight weeks (really).

A lot of people say that getting one is life-changing and they love a lift, but then a lot of people talk about how their eyelashes get damaged. I have long eyelashes that never curl when I curl them or when I curl them, only a few curl and a few are straight. Think of an eyelash lift as a perm for your eyelashes after treatment, you'll have fuller, longer-looking lashes that mimic the effect of an eyelash curler, Brown says. You have to do a lot of research about who you're going with and ask them if they've dealt with difficult eyelashes before.

In addition, lightly brush your eyelashes every morning with a serum or coconut oil to enjoy eyelash perming for longer. The semi-permanent process lasts weeks, not hours, and is an excellent solution for people with naturally straight eyelashes or for anyone who wants an extra stretch. Say goodbye to the effort, time and money spent on using eyelash curlers, applying false eyelashes, and using expensive mascara every day. The first three were fine, but since my eyelashes are very stubborn and straight, the perm solution didn't really “lift” me that much, so I ended up with a half-lift that wasn't worth it.

Hair, including eyelashes, is made of keratin, which means that this formula is intended to help protect the integrity of the eyelashes during treatment. Because when you have thick eyelashes, you usually need the technician to apply the solution longer or twice.

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