How long should you wait between eyelash fills?

With this in mind, it is generally recommended to refill your eyelashes every two to three weeks. Since everyone's eyelashes and goals are different and therefore require different levels and types of regular maintenance, it's essential to have a strong and open sense of communication with the eyelash technician. Therefore, to keep those lashes looking delicious, it is recommended to refill them an average of 3 weeks apart. Some people have faster or slower growth cycles.

There are several factors that can cause those extensions to be lost ahead of time. Ideally, your client comes every two to four weeks, but longer wait times may mean a longer treatment time, since more eyelashes will need to be filled. The time you should wait between eyelash fillers depends on the growth cycle of your own natural eyelashes and how you care for your eyelash extensions at home. You may need a refill as soon as 2 weeks, or you may be able to wait up to 4 weeks before you need an appointment to fill it.

For most people, the full series last an average of 4 weeks before most of them are over. The most common use time is 3 weeks between each filling. However, some people wait up to 4 weeks and others simply can't bear to have a few eyelashes removed, so they appear every week or two. We recommend that you fill your eyelashes after you have had around 50% hair loss.

Keep your eyelashes from dropping below 50%, since they are usually more than 3 weeks away, and then you'll also have to pay more for the appointment to fill them up. For your eyelash extensions to look their best, it's important to keep your natural eyelashes in the best possible health, as they are the foundation on which extensions are built. To achieve this, your eyelash technician will give you recommendations at each visit about the ongoing care and maintenance of your eyelashes and natural eyelash extensions. If you're still losing a lot of eyelashes after following these steps, or if your extensions fall out before your natural eyelashes, you're probably overprocessing them.

You should also refrain from rubbing your eyes, using a mechanical eyelash curler, and staying under the shower head for an extended period of time, he says. But with proper application, eyelash extensions won't ruin your natural lashes, Richardson says. Once your customer has a full set of eyelash extensions, they'll need to come in periodically for a refill. Wherever you go to get your extensions, always ask your stylist how long they can realistically wait for you to wait during your appointment.

To keep your eyelash extensions in perfect condition, you should gently brush them with a sponge from time to time and then apply a conditioning serum. Maintenance is very important in the lifespan of your eyelash extensions, LivBay Salon Arizona has many specialized eyelash professionals with flexible schedules so you can book your appointment to fill it up just when you need it most. The bond between the client's natural eyelashes and the eyelash extension weakens over time due to oil or other impurities. Eyelash extensions are expensive and require maintenance, but they give the eyes a natural volume that makes mascara unnecessary.

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