Should i get classic or volume lashes?

If you have naturally thick eyelashes, this look is ideal for you. However, if you have too few natural lashes, voluminous lashes are your choice. Classic eyelashes will look more like an eyelash mascara. Each individual tab will have a thicker diameter than the eyelashes with volume.

Voluminous lashes last longer than classic lashes and last 6 to 8 weeks with proper aftercare, depending on the natural eyelash growth cycle. Both styles require fillers after 2 to 3 weeks. Voluminous lashes are lighter, fluffier and give the customer a fuller look. Voluminous lashes are perfect for clients who don't have a lot of eyelashes, have sparse eyelashes, bald spots, or simply want a more dramatic look without having to use thicker lashes.

Voluminous lashes are perfect for people who don't have a lot of eyelashes, have sparse eyelashes, bald spots, or simply want a more dramatic look without having to use thicker lashes. What are hybrid lashes? Hybrid lashes are a mix of 70 to 30 classic lashes and voluminous lashes. Choosing hybrid extensions gives your customers the best of both worlds. The look is achieved by mixing classic eyelashes and voluminous lashes that are strategically placed to frame the eyes.

Hybrid extensions offer a variety of textures and more volume, but without the sometimes unnatural look of voluminous lashes. For customers who want an eyelash line with a little more volume but not as full as volume extensions, this technique will provide the perfect balance. Well, as mentioned above, it depends on both style and budget. If you're on a budget, classic eyelashes may be the best option for you.

However, if budget isn't a concern, but style is, then you have more options. Volume eyelash extensions are those in which two or more individual extensions are attached to each natural eyelash. Volume eyelash extensions range from an extremely natural look that adds some length and volume (eyelashes in 2D and 3D), to a very dramatic and complete look (5D up). This is because voluminous eyelashes require a higher level of skill, more eyelash extensions are used (3D-15d per natural eyelash) and creating perfectly symmetrical fans with tight bases is an art that cannot be rushed, since the fans are handmade.

Voluminous eyelashes require a higher level of skill and a greater investment of time on the part of the technician, since they make the fans by hand beforehand. Usually, for a more complete eyelash appearance, you should choose a volume set with a large number of extensions on the fan. That said, voluminous lashes are for anyone who wants to bring the right kind of drama everywhere. Relatively new to the eyelash extension scene, Mega Volume lashes are fans of very, very fine extensions on anything from the 8D-14D.

This mooring style is the one that has existed for the longest time and can be done faster than it seems to have volume, especially if your technician has a lot of experience. The difference between the Classic, Hybrid and Volume tabs lies in the overall look, the application, the time spent and the cost. Volume eyelash extensions are several lashes that are applied to a single natural eyelash at a time using very fine extensions (. Here's a quick overview of the difference in appearance between classic eyelash extensions and volume extensions.


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