What is the most popular eyelash extension design?

Students often ask us which are the most popular eyelash extensions by thickness, length and curl. The answer is: CC 0.07 12mm. The C curl looks more natural and the D curl is a little more dramatic. Therefore, curl CC is recommended for most customers, since it allows you to open the eye without looking artificial.

For closed eyes, we recommend a natural eye, a faint eye or a cat's eye. However, cat's eye is often the most popular option. The standard style of eyelash extensions, the natural style, aims to make your eyelashes look as realistic as possible. The doll style is used to open the eyes and make them appear rounded.

Here, eyelash technicians add the longest eyelash extensions around the middle of the eye and the shortest fibers around the outer and inner corners. Because this type of shape has a droplet at the edges, eyelash technicians shouldn't use the cat's eye style, as it exaggerates the slumped fall. This type of eye shape, which is normally seen among Asians, doesn't go well with cat eye styles, since long eyelashes can penetrate the eyelid. The C-curl is one of the most popular curls worldwide.

If the C-curl is used for clients with eyelashes slightly tilted downward, it will provide a satisfactory lash lift. If used for clients with eyelashes with angles close to the horizontal, it will provide a fabulous wrist-eye effect. The length and volume of the eyelash extension are also an essential factor, as they play a key role in making your eyes more attractive and attractive. The result of designing a set of eyelashes for a specific eye shape is to highlight the strengths of the eye and, at the same time, hide its flaws.

When using eyelash extensions, especially if this is your first time, you may fear having unnatural results or allergic reactions. This style will help to emphasize natural eyelashes and it will look like you have very good mascara. On the other hand, you can choose eyelash extensions that are discreet and go well with your natural eyelashes. The structure of the eyes creates the framework for the eyelash extension procedure, just as understanding your body shape allows you to find the clothes that best fit.

Statistics from Grand View Research show that by 2025, the eyelash extensions industry will have a growth rate of around 5.2%. Now that we've covered the 4 basic styles of eyelash extensions, let's move on to identifying your eye shape so we can recommend an eyelash style that fits you perfectly. A lesser-known curl, I curl extensions have an almost straight shape, and can be used for male clients who want to improve the thickness of their eyelashes, but don't necessarily want to have them curled. Adding the longer eyelash extensions to the outer corner of the eyes narrows the eye and creates a shapely cat-eye look.

A type of individual fan-shaped eyelash called a thin eyelash extension is generally made of synthetic fiber. As long as you have long lashes to hold them, you can easily remove extensions up to 14 mm long in that outer corner. When using curlier false eyelashes, such as D and U curls, remember that when the curl is strong, the length of the extension will appear shorter. In addition, if left untreated, eyelash extension mites can cause other serious eye problems and affect vision.

These extensions are so light that it is acceptable to use them to add volume and, at the same time, keep them light enough to avoid weighing down your natural eyelashes. .

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