How long is the average lash cycle?

Because each individual eyelash is in its own phase of the cycle, it's normal for a few lashes to fall out every day. It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to fully replace an eyelash. On average, we lose about five natural eyelashes every day. In a week, that adds up to 35 eyelashes (that is, approximately 20% of the eyelash extensions in a set).

This is considered normal and healthy eyelash shedding. If your client is suffering from alarmingly severe eyelash loss, talk to them to find out what's happening and what may be causing their eyelashes to fall out. Take the time to inform them about the natural cycle of eyelash loss and the seasonal consequences of eyelashes so that their expectations are well adjusted from the start. It takes about 90 days for lashes to grow from stem to stern, but it's possible to encourage that process and prevent further eyelash loss.

Only approximately 40% of the upper lashes will be in the anagen phase, so it is only recommended to get eyelash extensions when performed by trained technicians, since they will recognize which eyelashes are suitable for extensions at the right time in their growth cycle. Eyelashes may fall out during this time, but the follicles must still complete the cycle before they grow back, which may be one of the reasons why eyelashes look thinner for longer if you're prone to losing eyelashes. The longer an eyelash stays in the growth phase, the longer it will grow, and this is how Uklash gives you the beautiful, fluttering eyelashes of your dreams. If you often get urgent messages from your clients saying that “all my eyelashes fell out, the growth of my eyelashes and the hair loss cycle are things you should consider starting to investigate.

In the reverse situation, if 50% of the eyelashes just started using Telogen, there would be a delay of 4 to 8 weeks before those eyelashes returned to the growth phase again. Around 35 to 40% of the upper lashes (and 15% of the lower lashes) will be growing at the same time, ensuring that not all of the eyelashes are lost at once when the hair loss phase begins. It is essential to keep your lashes strong and healthy so that they don't fall out during this stage and leave open gaps in the lash line. Cleaning your eyelashes properly and regularly with an eyelash cleanser can prevent eyelash line pores from becoming contaminated, blocked and infected.

Avoid attaching synthetic eyelashes to this phase of the eyelashes, since they will not have much durability left, which will cause the extension eyelashes to fall out quickly. If you've been using Uklash diligently, but haven't seen any changes yet, your eyelashes may not have completed a full cycle of eyelash growth. Adding weight or stress to these tiny baby lashes may suppress the eyelash growth cycle in the future.

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