What's the difference between volume and classic lashes?

The biggest difference between the two is the number of lashes that are applied to each natural eyelash. Classic eyelashes are when you apply a single eyelash extension to a single natural eyelash.

Volume lashes

occur when 2 or more fan-shaped eyelash extensions are applied. Volume eyelash extensions range from a natural look that adds some length and volume, to a very dramatic and complete look.

The eyelashes range from 2D-6D and anything above a 4D one will look like your client is wearing a strap compared to the natural look that classic and hybrid extensions would give them. This technique can be done with prefabricated fans or the fans can be made by hand with a special clamp. The fans are still attached to the natural eyelashes, but they fit. It usually takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on whether or not the technician uses prefabricated fans.

Hybrid eyelash extensions, also fondly known as “Light Volume”, are exactly what they sound like. Mixture (or hybrid) of two styles. More specifically, hybrid eyelash extensions are a mix of classic lashes and voluminous lashes. Voluminous lashes last longer than classic lashes and last 6 to 8 weeks with proper aftercare, depending on the natural eyelash growth cycle.

Both styles require fillers after 2 to 3 weeks. Unlike classic eyelashes, the thickness of the eyelash volume is very thin. Its typical thickness ranges from 0.03 mm to a maximum of 0.07 mm. Because of how thin the eyelashes are with volume, they allow multiple fans to be attached to individual natural lashes.

Compared to the classic set, a set of volumes provides a more dramatic, complete and fluffy look. Volume sets are perfect for people who enjoy using full coverage makeup frequently. Some customers who have naturally sparse eyelashes may also choose a volume set to help increase the fullness of their lashes. In these cases, the fullness of the set may be limited depending on what your natural eyelashes can withstand.

Alternatively, opt for very light-volume eyelashes, such as 2D-3D; this is where fans only have 2 or 3 tabs. This mooring style is the one that has existed for the longest time and can be done faster than it seems to have volume, especially if your technician has a lot of experience. Making volume series requires a considerable amount of skill and it's important that you find an experienced eyelash artist for this. But like classic lashes, these are the two details that differentiate voluminous lashes from other sets: their relative versatility and their specific thickness.

Volume eyelash extensions are those in which two or more individual extensions are attached to each natural eyelash. Voluminous eyelashes require a higher level of skill and a greater investment of time on the part of the technician, since they make the fans by hand beforehand. Of course, 3D eyelash extensions and other volumes will probably give you eyelashes that you won't stop looking at. The biggest difference is in the result you can achieve with each of them: classic lashes don't add much volume, but they add length.

Most people use classic eyelashes because they want to achieve a natural eyelash look that is often confused with having natural eyelashes AH-MAZING. Volume eyelash extensions range from an extremely natural look that adds some length and volume (eyelashes in 2D and 3D), to a very dramatic and complete look (5D up). A volume set is a more advanced technique in which a range of multiple extensions is applied to each natural eyelash. Hybrid extensions offer a variety of textures and more volume, but without the sometimes unnatural look of voluminous lashes.

You can try voluminous lashes for the first time and get the beautiful Kardashian look, just as they first popularized it. A classic set is the most basic technique in eyelash extensions and is generally the first technique that eyelash artists learn. This is because voluminous eyelashes require a higher level of skill and a greater investment of time on the part of the technician, since they make the fans by hand beforehand. .

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